Green Laser Pointers | Emerald

Huge Selection - Smart, Innovative Design
Unique Functionality - Endless Applications

Green laser pointers are a great tool for a wide range of applications and activities. Z-BoltŪ uses the finest materials and laser diodes - then adds guaranteed performance, innovative design, and unique functionality. Z-BoltŪ green lasers project a brilliant emerald green laser beam and dot. Enjoy the visible laser beam at night - bright green dot during daytime hours.

Use Z-BoltŪ Green Laser Pointers for -

  • Presentations, Briefings & Lectures
  • Arborists - Landscapers - Hikers - Campers
  • Green Laser Pointers for Astronomy
  • Classroom Instruction - Field Training
  • Dog Training - Fun & Games with Cats
  • Green Laser Pointers for Birding, Bird Watching, Bird Spotting
  • Museum Docents & Tour Guides
  • Building Trades - Construction Job Sites
  • Storage, Logistics & Warehousing
  • Communication, Command, Control
  • Lasers for Scuba / Underwater Diving
  • Premium Green Laser

    Choice of (3) Deluxe Finishes -
    Certified True 5mW Laser Power

    DuetŪ  Emerald

    Dual Switch Green Laser -
    Emerald Anodized Aluminum

    Job-Sight / Industrial Use

    Ruggedized 532nm Green Laser -
    Shock, Dust & Water Resistant

    Lithium Green Laser

    Constant On/Off Switch - 5 Mile
    Range, CR123A Lithium Power

    Hybrid Red & Green

    Red and Green Laser Pointer - Mirrored Chrome & Brass

    Emerald Galaxy

    Ruggedized Green Laser - 5 Mile
    Range, CR123A Lithium Power

    Rugged - LOW Temps!

    Cold Winter Nights -
    LOW Temp Operation 14° ~ 122°F

    Constant Click On/Off

    Three (3) Tube Finishes -
    5 Mile Range, Alkaline Power

    Click On/Off - LOW Temps!

    Cold Winter Nights -
    Low Temp Operation 14° ~ 122°F

    Galaxy Constellation

    Extreme Duty Lasers - Sapphire
    Blue, Ruby Red, Emerald Green

    "Two Tap" Green Laser

    Special Function Circuit -
    "Tap" Twice for Constant On

    Class II Green Laser

    1mW Green Laser Pointer

    Green Laser for Birding

    Ruggedized 532nm Green Laser -
    Shock, Dust & Water Resistant

    US Armed Forces

    Special "Double Tap" Laser -

    Low Temp SCUBA Laser

    Extreme Temperature Operation - Special Diode Module 14° to 122°F

    Green Scuba Dive Laser

    Standard Temperature Operation -
    200 ft Depths, 41° to 95°F

    (2) Finishes - Metal Case

    Green Laser & Metal Case -
    1~5mW Output, 2x AAA Batteries

    Standard Green Laser

    Navy Blue or Brushed Silver -
    1~5mW Output, 2x AAA Batteries

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