Lasers by Type or Application

Green, Red & Blue Laser Pointers

Premium Laser Pointers & Presenters -
Blue & Green Lasers for Astronomy & Scope Mounting

Laser Pointers for Presentations & Briefings -

Z-BoltŪ carries the largest selection of blue, green, and red lasers pointers for briefings & presentations; for Keynote or PowerPoint. We have designed a wide selection of form factors; special function switch types; innovative dual diode pointers. Unique product design and special features include:

  • Ruby Red Laser Pointers - 635nm
  • Emerald Green Laser Pointers - 532nm
  • Sapphire Blue Laser Pointers - True Blue - 450nm
  • Hybrid Dual Diode Lasers - Blue & Red or Green & Red
  • US Armed Forces Series / Choose Service Branch or Command
  • Momentary Push Button, Constant On, or Dual Switch Functionality
  • Executive Quality Pointers & Wood Gift Cases - Engrave & Personalize
  • DuetŪ Series Pointers - Dual Switch Function - Nylon Carry Pouch Included
  • All Presentation Pointers Ship in Premium Gift Cases - Free Lanyard Included
  • Blue & Green Lasers for Astronomy -
    Laser Telescope Finder Brackets, Astronomy Gift Packs

    Z-BoltŪ is the world's leading manufacturer of laser pointers specifically designed for the astronomy professional or hobbyist. Unique product design and special features include:

  • Push Button or Constant On Switches
  • AAA Alkaline or CR123A Lithium Powered
  • Sapphire Blue Laser Pointers Operate at 14° F
  • Lasers for Extreme Low Temperature Environments 14° F
  • Laser Telescope Brackets for Reflectors, Refractors, Tripods
  • Free Lanyards & Carry Pouches Included with Select Models
  • Astronomy Gift Packs - Laser, Scope Mount, Switch, Battery Chargers
  • Executive Gifts, Promotions, Graduations, Birthdays -
    For Your Professional, Astronomer, Friend -
    Engrave & Personalize!

    Z-Bolt® Premium Laser Pointers
    Designed by Beam of Light Technologies, Inc
    Manufacturer of Reliable Premium Laser Products
    Featuring Unique Functionality & Performance
    Happy Valley, Oregon, USA

    For Heavy Industry -
    Shock Resistant & Waterproof -
    Extreme Temperature Environments -

    Job-Sight Laser Pointers for Heavy Industry -

    Oil & Gas Exploration & Refining. Mining & Industrial Production. Rail Transportation & Logistics. Trucking & Freight Lines. Warehousing and Logistics. Field Training & Instruction. Construction & Manufacturing. Field Inspections. Landscaping and Real Estate Development. General Job Site Management.

  • Shock Resistant, Ruggedized & Waterproof
  • Job-Sight XT / Extreme Temp Operation 14° ~ 122°
  • Job-Sight iS / Certified Intrinsically Safe / 3rd Quarter 2018
  • Includes Nylon Carry Pouch - Retractable Cable Tether with Velcro Strap Mount
  • Shock Resistant, Rugged & Waterproof -

    Bird Spotting in Rain Forests or Humid Environments. Astronomy in Extreme Conditions. Hiking and Outdoor Recreation. Underwater SCUBA Diving to 200ft Depths.

  • Green, Blue, or Red Laser Models
  • Shock Resistant, Ruggedized & Waterproof
  • Nylon Carry Pouches and Free Neck Lanyards
  • SCUBA Underwater DIVE Lasers - Extreme Low Temp Operation 14° F
  • Extreme Low Temperature Environments -

    Green lasers operate best in temperatures above 41° F. We have developed a line of lasers that operate well down to a chilly 14°F. Special DPSS module green lasers; blue & red semiconductor lasers in a wide variety of form factors.

  • Extreme Temperature Operation 14° ~ 122°
  • Marine Biology - Dive Lasers for Extreme Cold Water Locations
  • Outdoor Construction Sites & Heavy Industry - Consistent Laser Light Output

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