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Star Finder Telescope Mount with Reflector Base Plate


  • On Most Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes (Reflectors), the Base Plate is a Drop-In Replacement for the Stock Finder Bracket
  • Purchase as Part of Astronomy Gift Packs
  • Includes 4 Mounting Screws; O-Rings to Secure Laser; Installation Manual
  • Main Section Interfaces with Reflector Style Base Plate - Refractor or Tripod Base Plates Available
Design & Operation

ASTRO-1, Laser Telescope Mount - Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Astronomy Bracket ships with 4 mounting screws; o-rings to prevent laser from sliding out; installation manual. Bracket has quick release mechanism to allow for easy shipping or storage. Black finish, constructed of aircraft grade anodized aluminum.

1] On most Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (reflectors), the base is a drop-in replacement for the stock finder bracket, and can be held in with the original screws, or those provided.

2] On Newtonians (refractors), four screws are recommended for the ASTRO-1.

3] Refractor or Tripod replacement Base Plates available.

Box Contents - Features

Main Laser Mount Section / Adjustment Screws
Removable Reflector Base Plate
Installation Manual

Laser Specifications

Compatible with Z-Bolt® Lasers:

Duet Emerald
Duet Sapphire
Sapphire Galaxy II
Sapphire Galaxy III

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ASTRO-1 Telescope Mount

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