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World's Best Red Lasers - 1 Year Warranty
Dual Diode, Dual Switch, Constant On/Off

Z-Bolt® is proud of our industry best 1 Year Product Warranty. Z-Bolt® uses the finest materials and laser diodes - then adds guaranteed performance, innovative design, and unique functionality. We offer discounts for 3+ qty purchases, and accept all major credit cards - also Paypal, Google and Amazon Checkout.

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  • Product Warranty - 1 Year - 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Return Policy
  • Same Day Shipping on All In Stock Items (Non-Engraved)
  • All Z-Bolt® Laser Pointers Inspected & Certified FDA Legal
  • Calibrated, Inspected & Tested for Laser Safety
  • Free Nylon Carry Pouches for Lithium Lasers
  • The Best 635nm Red Laser Modules
  • Free Lanyards & Accessory End Caps
  • Brightest 635nm Red Laser Pointers -
    Innovation - Unique Design - Functionality

    All Z-Bolt® red laser pointers emit the highest power 635nm laser light, projecting a brilliant red laser beam dot. No comparison to cheaper 645~650nm red lasers, the Z-Bolt® 635nm laser pointers are two to three times as bright. Our lithium powered Duet® Ruby and waterproofed Ruby Galaxy operate on CR123A lithium batteries for long lasting power - up to forty (40) hours constant on operation. Z-Bolt® Ruby red laser pointers feature unique capabilities, special functionality, innovative design - providing superior durability, reliability, & premium performance.

    Z-Bolt® Premium Laser Pointers
    Designed by Beam of Light Technologies, Inc
    Manufacturer of Reliable Premium Laser Products
    Featuring Unique Functionality & Performance
    Happy Valley, Oregon, USA

    Hybrid Red & Blue

    Hybrid Red and Blue Laser Pointer - Jet Black Finish

    Hybrid Red & Green

    Red and Green Laser Pointer - Mirrored Chrome & Brass

    Red Laser Presenter

    Lanyard & End Cap -
    Highest Power 635nm Output

    Constant On Switch

    15 Hour Power Supply -
    Highest Power 635nm Output

    Duet® Ruby

    Dual Switch Red Laser -
    Lanyard & Nylon Carry Pouch

    Ruby Galaxy

    Ruggedized Red Laser Pointer - Shock, Dust & Water Resistant

    Red Scuba Dive Laser

    635nm Red Scuba Dive Laser - Signal with Red Laser Brilliance!

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