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BLAZER LED Weapon Light Head - Superior Mid-Range PID @25 ~75 Meters with Scout Adapter
Part Number:LED-EXT-FDE-SA


Shipping April/May 2023
This EXT-LED light head is a direct replacement for the Surefire® KE2-DF & Modlite OKW/PLHv2 light heads. Also Surefire® & Malkoff M600 Series Light Heads (2 pc CR123A Required)
* Fits Surefire® M600DF/M640DF
* Arisaka 600 & Surefire® M600 Light Bodies
* Z-BOLT® & Modlite 18350/18650 Light Bodies
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  • Light On Target: 58,000 Candela (UL Lab Testing Results HERE)
  • ANSI/PLATO FL1 Standard Results . . . 3rd Party Lab
  • LED & PCB: Fully Potted to Withstand Shock & Recoil
  • Extreme Beam Throw: 200 Meters PID (480m per UL Lab Testing)
  • Light Output - Lumens (lm): 610 (ANSI/PLATO FL1)
  • Body Material:  T6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Surface - Mil-Spec Hard Coat Anodized: Z-BOLT® FDE
  • Warranty: 2 Years from Date of Purchase
  • Part #: LED-EXT-HEAD-FDE


  • Extreme Beam Throws - 200 Meter PID
  • Improved Heat Mitigation & Battery Runtimes
  • Superior Illumination @ Ranges 25~75 Meter
  • Modlite & Surefire® “Scout” Compatible

LED Extreme Throw Light Head - Kit Contents:

  • 1 pc BLAZER LED Light Head 
  • 1 pc Information Card

Z-BOLT® BLAZER Extreme Throw LED Weapon Light Head

The BLAZER Extreme Throw LED light head puts out  610 Lumens & 58,000 Candela.  (UL Lab Tested)  200 Meter Beam Throws; Superior Mid-Range Illumination and PID @ 25~75 Meters; Improved Heat Mitigation & Battery Runtimes.

LEP & LED Weapon Lights - SPECS

Z-BOLT® BLAZER LED/LEP Heads & Light Bodies

Z-BOLT® LED & LEP heads are direct replacements for Surefire® KE2-DF; Modlite OKW & PLHv2 light heads.  Z-BOLT® LED light heads fit Surefire® M600DF/M640DF & Modlite 18650/18350 light bodies.

Z-BOLT® Clicky Style & Cable Port Tailcaps

Compatible with all Z-BOLT® "Scout Compatible" LEP or LED Weapon Lights AND IR Illuminators. Also Surefire® Scout 300, 600, & M600DF light bodies (weapon lights & flashlights with .75 in. diameter switches, including: E1B-MV, E2DLU-A, E2DLU-T, E2T-MV, AVIATOR-AM/BL/RD/YG, V1-B-BK, V1-C-BK) Also Modlite 18650/18350 and Arisaka M300/600 light bodies. Switch end compatible with Surefire® z68 push button; Surefire® UE remote switch; Surefire® dual function DS00 tailcaps.

Z-BOLT® Crane-Style Laser Ports

Z-BOLT® cable port tailcaps are compatible with all Unity Tactical Crane-Style cable switches that fit NATO standard laser ports from Insight/L3, Steiner/Laser Devices, BE Meyers, Holosun, Wilcox, and others.  Z-BOLT® tailcap ports are equivalent to those on the PEQ15, DBAL, BE Meyers® MAWL™ and Wilcox® RAIDx™. . . .  see SPECS  tab for more.

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