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BLAZER IR Illuminator, 18350 Scout Body & Tailcap
1 pc Z-BOLT® BLAZER LED Illuminator Head; 1 pc 18350 Light Body; 1 pc Clicky-Style Tailcap; 2 pc 18350 Batteries & 2x Slot Charger
Part Number:IR-LED-860-18350-BLK

BLAZER IR Illuminator, 18350 Scout Body & Tailcap

The Z-BOLT® BLAZER IR Illumination System is powerful; modular; adaptable; and affordable. Purchase the IR head separately; a 18350 short barrel or 18650 long barrel Scout weapon kit; or configure as a hand-held designator, complete with THYRM clips. The telescopic lens system provides superior long-range or mid-range detection & engagement. Dial it in @ 50 to 1000 meters! Z-BOLT® products are designed to play well with most Surefire® , Arisaka, & Modlite heads, light bodies, and tailcaps. (See SPECS & DESCRIPTION TAB for Brand & Device Compatibility)
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Tethered BEAM Diffusers
Nylon Wraps - 6x Patterns
Z-BOLT® Tailcaps (Crane Plugs)
Hot Button Switch (7" Crane Plug)
18650 Scout Conversion Kit
1 pc Light Body, 2 pc 18650 & 2 pc CR123A Batteries [+$78.00]
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  • IR Beam Throw: 1000 Meters 
  • Run Time: 90 Minutes -  1 pc18350
  • Run Time: 90 Minutes - 1 pc CR123A
  • LED & PCB: Fully Potted to Withstand Shock & Recoil
  • Battery: 1 pc 18350 - 3.7V,  Z-BOLT® 1400 mAh Lithium 
  • Weight: 154 grams / 5.4 oz (18350 battery installed)
  • Length: 6.0 in. (154mm) (18350 - Short Barrel)
  • LED Illuminator Head Width: 32mm 
  • Body Material:  T6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Surface - Mil-Spec Hard Coat Anodized: Matte Black
  • Warranty: 2 Years from Date of Purchase
  • Part #: IR-LED-860-18350-BLK

Z-BOLT® Crane-Style Laser Ports

Z-BOLT® cable port tailcaps are compatible with Unity Tactical Crane-Style laser plug switches and a few other OEMs.  Please Note: Many legacy Crane-Style (L3/Insight/EOTECH/Laser Devices/Steiner) switches will run the legacy/lower current draw (CR123A) Surefire 300/600 series lights; BE Meyers KIJI; & Malkoff light heads & devices.  But may of these older switches can't pass the current needed to run modern, high current draw weapon lights. These older switch designs do not allow “full power” operation of 18350/18650 battery cell Z-BOLT® LEP, Modlite OKW & PLHv2, or Surefire® KE2-DF light heads. Typically these switches reduce output by 15-20%. (mostly related to thread gauge) So beware, your results with these switches may vary. Our tested & approved list:

Unity Hot Button (7” MLOK Laser, FDE) P/N: HBM-IF  

Unity Hot Button (7” MLOK Laser, Black) P/N: HBM-IB  

Unity Hot Button (7” PICATINNY Laser, FDE) P/N: HBR-IF

Unity Hot Button (7” PICATINNY Laser, Black) P/N: HBR-IB  

Unity TAPS, Standard 2x Leads (9” Laser/Laser, FDE) P/N: TAPS-119F

Unity TAPS, Standard 2x Leads (9” Laser/Laser, Black)  P/N: TAPS-119B

Unity ModButton Lite (4.5” PICATINNY Laser, FDE)  Modlite Order Page Here

Unity ModButton Lite (4.5” PICATINNY Laser, Black)  Modlite Order Page Here

Steiner eOptics / Laser Devices

7" Remote Cable Pressure Pad Switch  P/N: 9120  OpticsPlanet Here

Please Note: Steiner P/N 9120 will not run the Surefire® KE2-DF light head. (Surefire® M600DF


  • Low Speckle LED IR Illumination
  • Extreme Beam Throws - 1000 Meters
  • Variable Zoom 2 to 20° Beam-to-Flood
  • IR Head Fits Surefire® M600DF/M640DF
  • IR Head Fits Modlite 18350/18650 Light Bodies

BLAZER Infrared LED Weapon Light - Kit Contents

  • 1 pc BLAZER IR LED Light Head 
  • 1 pc Z-BOLT® 18350 Light Body
  • 1 pc Z-BOLT® Clicky Style Tailcap
  • 2 pc Z-BOLT® 18350 Batts & 2x Slot Charger
  • 1 pc Specification Info Card
  • 1 pcs Lens Window Wipe

Optional Add-Ons

  • Remote Cable Port Tailcaps
  • Dual Function Cable Port Tailcaps
  • Unity Tactical Hot Button Cable Switches
  • 18650 Conversion Kits (18650 Light Body; 2 pc 18650 Batts, 2 pc CR123A)
  • Villain Weapon Systems Beam Diffusers. CQB Flood, 40° or Hot Spot & Spill
Z-BOLT® Products on Amazon

Z-BOLT® BLAZER LED Infrared Illuminators

  • 1000 Meter Beam Throws
  • Variable Zoom 2 to 20° Telescopic Lens System
  • Focused Wide Area Flood for Mid-Range or CQB
  • Superior Choice for Size vs. Cost & Raw Performance
  • Multiple Battery Options - CR123A, 16650, 18350, 18650
  • Z-BOLT® Infrared Illumination Kit or Illuminator Head Only 
  • Or Configure as Scout Weapon Light or Hand Held Designator
  • Nylon Wraps! Choice of 6x Patterns - Easy Application
  • Add VWS BEAM Diffusers, CQB Flood, 40° or Hot Spot & Spill

Z-BOLT® BLAZER LED/LEP Heads & Light Bodies

Z-BOLT® Infrared, LED, & LEP heads are direct replacements for Surefire® KE2-DF; Modlite OKW & PLHv2 light heads - direct thread-ons for Surefire® M600DF/M640DF & Modlite 18350/18650 light bodies.  Z-BOLT® BLAZER illuminators NOW fit Surefire®  & Arisaka M300/M600 light bodies; and the Phantom Hill CTF2 with optional Z-BOLT® tube adapter.

Z-BOLT® Clicky Style & Cable Port Tailcaps

Compatible with all Z-BOLT® "Scout Compatible" LEP or LED Weapon Lights AND IR Illuminators. Also Surefire® Scout 300, 600, & M600DF light bodies (weapon lights & flashlights with .75 diameter switches, including: E1B-MV, E2DLU-A, E2DLU-T, E2T-MV, AVIATOR-AM/BL/RD/YG, V1-B-BK, V1-C-BK) Also Modlite 18650/18350 and Arisaka M300/600 light bodies. Switch end compatible with Surefire® z68 push button; Surefire® UE remote switch; Surefire® dual function DS00 tailcaps.

Z-BOLT® Crane-Style Laser Ports

Z-BOLT® cable port tailcaps are compatible with Unity Tactical Crane-Style laser plug switches and a few other OEMs . . . .  see SPECS tab for more.

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