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Beam of Light Technologies [BOLT] is located in Portland, Oregon USA. Z-Bolt® is our corporate brand.  We’ve made some big changes in 2023. We have a new and technically impressive design team - all hard at work!  We’ve completed a top-to-bottom overhaul of our site, made it easier to navigate - made it more “responsive” for mobile devices.  We’ve added a Documents & Downloads section to share operator field reports; product briefs; user guides; export control information. I hope you like it. Look for new products this year, including LEP Lights - Weapon & Hand HeldLED Lights - Weapon & Hand HeldLED & VCSEL Infrared Illuminators; and a man-portable Green Laser for Forensic Imaging in the forensic lab or forward deployed in theater - on site. Eye-Safe IR hand-held & weapons mounted training lasers for rotary wing aircraft gun systems and air crews; for military troop training; for LE snipers and tactical teams. Field Utility laser pointers for EOF, tactical communications, tactical team leaders, for target marking and signal marking. EOD Trip Wire Illuminators for FBI & NYPD Bomb Techs - Navy, Army, & USMC EOD. Man-portable forensic lasers for fluorescing and imaging prints at the FOB and on the battlefield.  High-power forensic LED lights and kits.

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