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JOB SITE - Industrial

Reduce Operational Errors

Enhance Workplace Safety and Efficiency

Job Site Green Laser Pointers

Construction Lasers for Job Site 

Non-Verbal Team Communication

Construction & Manufacturing - Field Inspections 

Landscaping & Job Site Real Estate Development 

Rail Transport & Logistics - Trucking & Freight Lines

Warehousing & Logistics - Field Training & Inspection

Oil, Gas. Chemical Refineries - Mining & Industrial Production

All Job-Sight Laser Pointers Include:

Retractable Gear Cable Tether for Field Operation

2 pcs Nylon Lanyards - Power Certificate - User Guide

Construction laser pointers, or more commonly called jobsite, or "job site" green laser pointers are quite common these days. Rotary laser levels; line laser levels; plumb lasers; pipe lasers; and laser detectors are some of the devices used in heavy industry.  They are time saving tools that also increase accuracy and proficiency on various jobs and tasks.  What about communication between team members at construction and job sites?  The use of green laser pointers as a communication tool in heavy industry is common as well.  Green lasers are simple and effective tools for precise, non-verbal communication - a silent signaling device for noisy industrial environments. Point to next build or areas to repair at construction job sites; focus interest to conduit or pipes that require service or replacement; use to clarify and explain results of field inspections of equipment, facilities, and industrial property.  Low cost commodity green laser pointers and pens are fragile indoor electronic devices – neither designed nor suited for rugged field use. Operating temp ranges are narrow at 15°~35° C. And an office pointer is easily damaged and rendered useless by humidity, drops, shock and vibration, leading to catastrophic product failure with no warranty replacement. Most importantly, many are illegally overpowered and not properly tested & certified. This exposes end users and workplaces to extreme safety risks & hazards, including retinal eye damage.  Only purchase safe & legal laser pointers from Z-Bolt®. 

Combat & Field Approved Since 2006

Tested & Certified  - Ensure Workplace Safety

Water, Shock, Drop, Resistant - Low Temp 14°F

Z-Bolt® Job-Sight Green Lasers are purpose built for extreme duty, reducing costly laser replacement costs. Engineered and improved over the last decade by customer feedback from downrange military deployments, these are the toughest low cost lasers for non-verbal communications & silent signaling. Properly labeled, tested & certified, all Job-Sight lasers ship with serialized power output reports to insure workplace safety.  Job Sight Green Lasers are water & dust proof; use ruggedized circuitry to withstand common waist high drops; can survive typical transport shock and vibration; include power lockout functionality; and are power certified for occupational health and safe operation. Extreme temperature model (XT) operates in -10° ~ 50° C.   2 Year Warranty & 30 Day "No Questions Asked" return policy.  Buy with confidence!

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Certified Intrinsically Safe 

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