Z-Bolt® PDF Documents - Export Trade Controls - ITAR - EAR99

Z-Bolt® Field Utility Lasers  [Laser POINTERS & Trip Wire LLUMINATORS] are configured for military applications, but ARE NOT regulated by  
the International Traffic in Arms Regulations [ITAR]. Beam of Light Technologies, Inc. has pursued formal commodity jurisdiction determinations (CJ) with the Department of State for all Z-Bolt® Military Laser Products. Results were uniformly positive - export sales are approved to all NATO and Allied nations. (South Korea, Japan, Australia, Israel, etc) All exports of Z-Bolt® Field Utility Lasers are therefore subject to the licensing authority of the US Department of Commerce [EAR99].

Please see below for formal responses and jurisdiction determinations by the Department of State and US Department of Commerce. Contact John Mueller to confirm that your location/country is on the approved Commerce export control list:

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