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What is a Z-Bolt® Field Utility Laser?

Beam of Light Technologies manufactures green, red, blue, and infrared “field utility lasers”. Hand-held, man-portable, inexpensive, easy to operate, extremely effective. Over 50,000 Z-Bolt® Field Utility Lasers shipped downrange to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo & MFO units since 2006.

Z-Bolt® Field Utility Lasers utilize COTS (consumer off the shelf) laser components and modules. Sourcing components that are widely used in industry enables the production of laser systems that are simple, portable, adaptable, and affordable. Yet these laser designators & trip wire illuminators remain extremely effective, crafted and customized for specific battlefield applications or mission goals. Most Z-Bolt® Green Lasers are ANSI Class 3R (< 5mW) and do not require LEP or special SOP manuals to operate. ALL Z-Bolt® systems are priced to accommodate reduced budgets and permit wide deployment throughout a squad, platoon, team - a force multiplier. Field Utility Lasers can provide deployed troops with an effective tool for taregt designation; for non-lethal escalation of force – to “hail & warn”. They provide law enforcement with an effective communication device - hand-held & non-threatening - precise and non-verbal designation to people, places, or things.  But Z-Bolt® lasers are capable of so much more . . . Continue Reading Here

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