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Class I & 3R Infrared Lasers

MARK-1ir  1,000m Range  NOHD = 0m
MARK-4ir  5,000m Range  NOHD = 13.7m

Beam of Light Technologies [BOLT] manufactures low-power infrared training lasers, expanding the Z-Bolt® line of field utility lasers. Power ratings of Class 1 & Class 3R. Hand-held or rail-mounted, man-portable, inexpensive, easy to operate, extremely effective. Purpose built for EYE-SAFE or safer field training. The deployment of low-power IR lasers improves & enhances a unit’s operational efficiencies due to increased opportunities for field training – all parts CONUS. 

Gen 3 & Gen 3+ Night Vision Optics
Change Laser Energy vs. Visibility Equation

Newer Gen 3 & Gen 3+ tubes have provided increasing levels of night vision sensitivity and gain-control. The higher radiant sensitivity of Gen 3 tubes means higher luminous sensitivity. These technological advances have changed the laser energy vs. operator visibility equation. So today, the use of Class 1 or Class 3R low-power infrared lasers is highly effective AND practical - substantially safer than Class 3B - while maintaining effective targeting engagement ranges - for both training and battlefield use. EYE-SAFE or safer to use in CQB situations, including vehicles & inside buildings, or environments exposing civilians. Train safely on base - on location. No LEP (laser eye protection) required with Class 1. Z-Bolt® MARK-IR lasers are light, portable, adaptable, & affordable.

Z-Bolt® Infrared Training Lasers, Executive Brief

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